Committed to the energy transition and society

Promoting an efficient, fair, sustainable, and inclusive energy transition
At the Repsol Foundation we work with a mission: to promote a fair and inclusive energy transition that leaves no one behind. To this end, we develop innovative projects within the framework of emission reduction and offsetting, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, and the circular economy, all adding value to society.
We're pioneers in committing to high triple-impact investment (social, environmental, and economic)
In an aim to support growing companies that work toward the energy transition and social development. We've invested in five companies: Sylvestris, in reforesting to mitigate our carbon footprint; Koiki, in sustainable logistics; GNE Finance, in sustainable urban home renovations in vulnerable areas;; Recycling4all, alongside Ilunion, in the industrial recycling of electrical appliances and electronics; and Hispaled, an integration company that offers energy efficient solutions in LED lighting.
Driving innovation and technology
We're proud to have an Entrepreneurs Fund, a business accelerator specializing in technology-based solutions in energy andsustainable mobility.
Knowledge in the energy transition
We promote scientific and rigorous knowledge on the energy transition through the digital community Open Room, an Energy Transition Education and Research Program, and Zinkers, a digital educational program for young people.
We promote volunteering projects related to the energy transition and climate change that promote social development.
Green Engine, a firm commitment to a green and inclusive economy
Natural climate solutions

Aware of energy transition challenges, one of our lines of action focuses on promoting large-scale reforestation as a natural solution to fight climate change. That’s why we have launched Green Engine, a high triple-impact project. In addition to its evident environmental benefits, it is designed to have a transformative effect on society and the economy.

Commitment to society and the local economy

This initiative is creating inclusive local jobs in the rural parts of Spain where planting takes place, and special attention is given to hiring people from vulnerable groups. At the same time, the project galvanizes economies through specialized training and the creation of new businesses related to the forestry industry, while attracting further economic activity to generate increased wealth in the general area.

A methodology that stands out

Through the Green Engine project, we are in charge of monitoring and maintaining all our forests. We combine land work with technological innovation to create resilient forests and monitor the CO2 absorption process to make it as scientific and precise as possible.

Calculate your carbon footprint and mitigate it by contributing to the Green Engine forests
Forests are made in accordance with the standards of the Spanish Climate Change Office, of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic challenge.
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