Make a commitment to sustainability and the SDGs
Through the trees in the Green Engine forests, we offer you a simple and thorough method to mitigating your carbon footprint, while generating benefits for society in rural areas in Spain.
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Participate in our forests
Select the number of trees and the forest where you want to participate

that are equivalent to absorbing 2420 kg of CO₂ from the atmosphere through the forest.

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Calculate your carbon footprint
In just two steps, you can know the CO2 emissions of your company's regular events or activities.
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Design a tailor-made action
Tell us your needs and our team of experts will help you participate in a reforestation project according to your professional activity, choosing the most efficient solution for your company.
We can help you in your ESG strategy to generate a positive environmental, social, and economic impact.
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Why support reforestation?

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, add value to customers and employees and generate differentiation for your brand. 

Why with Green Engine?

In an easy and thorough manner, you can contribute to forests that are made in accordance with the standards of the Spanish Climate Change Office, of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic challenge, which generate a positive impact on society in your immediate environment. 

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Why now?

Because we all have a fundamental role to play in advancing the SDGs and contributing to a sustainable future. Don't wait any longer and commit to a fair and inclusive energy transition!

Green Engine, the largest reforestation project in Spain

Discover the forests where you can now participate.