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Forest Freixo II (Pontevedra)

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Relevant project data

CO2 absorption project through the reforestation of a terrain of 3.64 hectares with Galician pine (Pinus pinaster ssp. atlántica), native species suitable to the area's environment. An action with which the erosion of the soil is avoided and the biodiversity is protected, as well as contributing to offsetting the carbon footprint.

1.471 t CO2

Total emission absorption


Trees planted

1.320.596 kg of CO2


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beneficios ambientales

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We reforest burned or vacant land with native species in the rural environment in Spain.

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We manage the entire reforestation project. From the design and planting of the forest to monitoring and maintenance.

Reforestation Details

Plot area: 3,64 ha
Location: Freixo (Pontevedra)
Permanence: 45 years
Project start date: 31/12/2018
Land use in 1990: Agricultural

The promoter

The project has been developed by the Sylvestris Group, a company in which the Repsol Foundation has a stake. With more than 30 years of experience in the forestry sector, the Sylvestris Group is an expert in the design and implementation of absorption projects for carbon footprint offsetting.

The area

The reforestation has been carried out in an area of agricultural terrain in the parish of Freixo, within the municipality of Crecente (Pontevedra).


The native species Pinus pinaster ssp. Atlantica has been planted, with a tree density of 1,100 feet/ha. This forest is part of the action that is being developed in the Freixo area on 3.64 hectares, as part of the Green Engine project.

The carbon footprint of a person in Spain is 5 tons of CO₂ per year

Compensates through one of the Green Motor forests and contributes to reducing CO₂ emissions